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Fishing is not about the fish! Really?

There is no excitement like a fishing trip. I hear about days and weeks and sometimes months of preparation. Big boxes on stands are unloaded, fishing rods... and I can go on and on. This is a serious business for many a fisherman...

"What bait, flavours, combinations work here?", is probably the most asked question I get when the fisherman or woman is in the planning and prepping phase of the trip to Bloemhof. The fish apparently have area-specific palates I guess! I see on different fishing - some say angling - pages what should be used where to achieve that dream... the record-sized fish!

Then the fish is held as far away from the body, as close as possible to the camera lens. It looks super big that way. Try it! So the goal was achieved. The big one actually fell for the bait of choice!

A picture of a nice catch on our Facebook page and the phone rings non-stop, the comments are about what was used to make this catch, where exactly it is, and so on and so on.

Exciting! Challenging! The adrenaline pumps! But...

what if the goal is not achieved on the trip? What if the fish wasn't hungry this time? What if the special recommendations and recipes did not work? What if the fish from up-river somewhere - with the different palate of course - came on a weekend away to this part of water?

No catches? What then?

Was the trip a failure? What does the whole process feel like? What does it feel like to go home with no good big fish story? And why then the almost addictive planning for the next fishing trip?

Is it then about the fish? Or is there more to it? Being at the water? Being in nature? Seeing the sunrise while waiting for the rod or the alarm to sound? Seeing the sunset? Hearing the birds? Seeing the water birds having fun and bragging about their catches right in front of you?

Fishermen, help me out? Is it about the fish? Really?

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